Using VirtualBox to run the VCSS Contest OS image

The first step in using VirtualBox to run the VCSS client is to install VirtualBox onto your computer. Click here to download the VirtualBox installation package. Select the appropriate package for your computer platform.

Note: the instructions on this page are based on VirtualBox Version 6.1.18; if you are using a different version then we cannot guarantee these instructions will match your version.

Once you have downloaded the VirtualBox installation package, run the installation. Selecting the default options in most cases is sufficient. When the installation completes, run VirtualBox (or just leave the "Run VirtualBox following installation" checkbox checked and it will run automatically).

Once VirtualBox is running, use the following steps:

Once the contest OS image has started it will prompt you for login/password information. The login account is "team"; the password is "contest". You should login to the machine and verify that you are able to use all of the tools you'll want to use during the contest.

You may find that the VM display does not match your monitor. You can try fixing this by switching to "Full Screen Mode" (Right-CTRL-F) or "Scaled Mode" (Right-CTRL-C). If that doesn't work, try the following command:

            xrandr --output default --mode 1920x1080
where you replace "1920x1080" with the resolution of your monitor.

Last updated: Wed Feb 10 20:48:24 CST 2021